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5 Reasons Why Takeout Is the Best Option in 2022

5 Reasons Why Takeout Is the Best Option in 2022

Mar 21, 2022

Nhat Phu Tran

Did you know online ordering is growing 300% faster than in-house restaurant dining!? With millennials leading this trend with nearly 56% who prefer to order takeout or delivery, more food supply chains have started catering to these growing needs. Many restaurants have gone as far as to reconfigure their business model entirely by shifting towards the “ghost kitchen” concept to keep overhead costs low and consumer satisfaction high. 

With comfort, quality, and convenience at the forefront of consumer demands, there are plenty of great reasons why more restaurants now offer hassle-free food services. From food-to-go, curbside pickup, takeout and delivery services, the abundance of options makes for a more versatile dining experience. 

Follow along to find out the top 5 reasons why takeout may be the best option in 2022! 

What is ‘Food-To-Go’? 

Taking your food to go is a popular choice for many people, especially in 2022. Takeout and curbside orders are both excellent food-to-go options that help you save time on your order. 

Simply place your order over the phone or using an online app or website and follow the instructions provided for pick up. While some restaurants offer touchless convenience of direct pickup after paying online, others prefer customers to arrive inside to pay and pick up their order. 

There are plenty of great benefits of food-to-go services to make you want to rethink in-house dining entirely. 

  1. Convenient Dining Experience  

Among the many ways takeout, delivery and curbside pickup differ from indoor dining, convenience is at the very top of the list. When you’re ready to enjoy a tasty meal, whether that be flavourful Vietnamese, refreshing Japanese cuisine or sweet and savoury Chinese food, waiting is not an option. 

Without having the hassle of booking a reservation for a table or taking the risk of waiting in a long drive-through lineup, ordering takeout is the quickest, most convenient option by far! 

An added bonus to this convenient dining experience is being able to enjoy your food wherever your heart desires. Take your meal to the beach, a park or anywhere the sun is shining. 

  1. Excellent Quality Food 

When comparing takeout to in-house dining, it’s easy to assume that you’ll be giving up quality for convenience. In reality, this is not the case.  

More restaurants have curated their menus to ensure all their takeaway food items are t and maintain their great flavours and temperatures by the time you arrive at your destination. 

Using packaging that retains heat, a variety of silverware, napkins and condiments (if necessary), you’ll have everything you need to enjoy any style of ethnic cuisine in the comfort of your own home.  

  1. Better Customer Experience 

As a customer, your takeout experience matters just as much as your in-house dining experience. Although you’re not physically sitting down and being waited on, your expectations of receiving a convenient and delicious meal to go are very important. For many restaurant owners and staff, your experience matters. 

By offering a swift, hassle-free takeout service, customers are more likely to return in the future when they remember their experience to be quick and easy. 

  1. Cheaper than Delivery

While delivery is certainly convenient, restaurant pickup is a much cheaper option. Rather than paying for delivery fees and third-party delivery apps, takeout options are considerably more affordable (especially if you don’t mind driving the distance for great-tasting food!). 

Not to mention, delivery services add the risk of tossing your food around before arriving to your destination. When ordering takeout, you’ll not only save more money on delivery fees but you’ll be handed the freshest meal straight from the kitchen. 

  1. Quick and Stress-Free 

As we move into 2022, we are all searching for ways to minimize stress in our lives. When given the option to make a reservation, dress up, and dine in-house at a restaurant or simply pick up food to go, the answer is simple: takeout all the way! With the ease of ordering online or over the phone, takeout is made simple for everyone. 

Gone are the days of waiting around. When it comes to takeout services, we can now get our hands on a delicious meal quicker than ever before. With everyone leading busier lives these days, this type of stress-free convenience is certainly a g. Since there’s no need to dress up to enjoy takeout food, you can even stay in your sweatpants! 

What Sets the Wrap and Roll Corner Apart from the Crowd? 

Compared to most restaurants, The Wrap and Roll Corner is a convenient and affordable option to find authentic Vietnamese food to go. 

Aside from balancing traditional flavours with fresh herbs and spices, Vietnamese cuisine is inspired by health and well-being. Unlike other f restaurants (and fast food chains), our dishes are cooked using low sodium, healthy fat and include a ton of delicious g ingredients. 

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Well, what are you waiting for!?

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